I am excited to let you know that my trauma nurse instructor contact, Trish Adkins Zoeller, has let me know that she has scheduled Saturday, January 14, 2017, for our first Traumatic Blood Loss class. As an extra added bonus, she is going to do a module through JALC for CPR training (she is also an American Heart Association instructor), so you will get official certification for that. Included will be a C.A.T. (Combat Application Tourniquet) and an Israeli bandage. Cost for all the training and the included emergency trauma supplies will be $50.00. Class time is 9:00 AM until about noon.

After three of the most stressful, difficult, and anxious days I have spent in training in a long time, and after three long days of waiting on test results, I am now officially an I.C.E. Training Defensive Firearms Coach!  I.C.E. Training (I.C.E Training Website) was founded by Rob Pincus (who also founded the Personal Defense Network) and is presently one of the premiere firearms and self defense groups in existence.  The course was taught by Jamie Onion, one of I.C.E. Training’s lead instructors, along with Steve Rundall and Dwayne Beccue.  Here is a description, taken from their website, of the course I took this past weekend:

This intense three day course is designed to increase the student’s understanding of defensive firearms, their use in a home defense situation and increase their ability to share that information with others. The course is split between the classroom( 75%) and Live Fire Range (25%) and focuses on understanding the differences between generic “shooting skill” and truly understanding the most important aspects of using a firearm for self defense. There are no pre-requisites for the DFC Course, but students will be required to successfully pass a written test of knowledge and perform well during a teaching demonstration in order to achieve Certification.

The DFCCC will feature in depth sessions on types of handguns and their value in the role of defense, ammunition selection, storage options, home defense tactics, interacting with law enforcement, developing fundamental defensive shooting skills, Combat Accuracy, The Balance of Speed & Precision and overcoming myths, misconceptions and anxiety in those new to defensive shooting. Attendees will also learn the most important drills to run in order to help their own students develop their skills efficiently.

Defensive Firearms Coaches are certified to teach the I.C.E. Training Company Fundamentals of Home Defense Handguns Course, a comprehensive course designed to educate those new to defensive firearms in the most important aspects of their use for home defense. Defensive Firearms Coaches are also certified to teach Fundamentals of Concealed Carry.

So, therefore, I am adding two new courses to the list of courses I can teach: Fundamentals of Home Defense Handguns Course and Fundamentals of Concealed Carry.  I am very impressed with each of these courses, and look forward to sharing them with students very soon.  The shooting drills in each of these courses is based on I.C.E. Training’s Combat Focus Shooting Course.  Besides being very relevant to efficient self defense with a handgun, the drills are a lot of fun.

I am very proud to have joined the the DFC ranks, letting me be a part of a group of men and women that is presently just a few people over 100 in number in the whole USA!  It was a hard, difficult weekend, but it was definitely worth the pain and sacrifice!  Check in here or at my Facebook page (My Liberty Firearms Training Facebook Page) for information on upcoming classes.  Thanks again to Jamie Onion, Steve Rundall, and Dwayne Beccue for providing such excellent instruction.

I follow Rob Pincus on Facebook, and he just posted a link to a great article written soon after the Sandy Hook tragedy.  This article clearly explains the false narratives and blatant inaccuracies that are always used in the wake of these events.  It is worth your time to read and educate yourself.

“Gun Control” by Dr. Steve Moysey

I finally found out what was going to be required for the IL FCCL renewal class, and it is exactly as I had guessed:

Contents are specified in the administrative code (Title 20, Sec 1231):

e) A 3 hour licensure renewal course must, at a minimum, cover the following topics:

1) Two hours to cover:

A ) any updates to Illinois or federal firearms laws governing concealed carry in Illinois;

B ) updates in the Criminal Code Sections listed in Section 1231.10; and

C ) appropriate and lawful interaction with law enforcement while transporting or carrying a concealed firearm; and

2) One hour of instruction to include a live fire qualification with a concealable firearm using a B-27 silhouette target consisting of a minimum of 30 rounds and 10 rounds from a distance of 5 yards, 10 rounds from a distance of 7 yards and 10 rounds from a distance of 10 yards.
An ISP-certified instructor much teach it.

If you are graduate of my NRA Basic Pistol class or my IL FCCL class (or both, for many of you!), you have done the training that is considered the proper step before taking more in-depth training.  As a certified instructor for the NRA Personal Protection In the Home Class, I am wanting to set up a class just for you!  This class builds on the fundamentals you learned in the previous classes and then adds techniques related specifically to using a handgun in a home defense situation.  From my website:

This is an eight-hour-plus course. Students should expect to shoot approximately 100 rounds (at least) of ammunition. Students will learn basic defensive shooting skills, strategies for home safety and responding to a violent confrontation, firearms and the law, how to choose a handgun for self-defense, and continued opportunities for skill development. Students will receive the NRA Guide to the Basics of Personal Protection In The Home handbook, NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure, the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification booklet, and course completion certificate. (Lesson Plan, revised 08/11)

NRA Basic Personal Protection In The Home course is for law-abiding adult citizens, as defined by applicable federal, state, or local law, and experienced shooters (shooters able to show mastery of the basic skills of safe gun handling, shooting a group, zeroing the firearm, and cleaning the firearm) to maximize what can be learned from this course. Proof of shooting experience can be one of the following: NRA Basic Pistol Course Certificate, NRA FIRST Steps Course Certificate, NRA pistol competitive shooting qualification card, military DD 214 with pistol qualification, or passing the Pre-Course Assessment.

If you are interested in taking this course, please reply to this email and I will begin plans for setting a up a class.  If you had a great time in NRA Basic Pistol, you will LOVE this class.  Fee is $125.00.  You will need a good quality home defense firearm and factory target ammo.  Also, you obviously need to be legally able to transport and own this firearm and ammo (in IL, a valid FOID card).

Thanks to my friend Valinda Rowe’s work and perseverance, Texas now recognizes the IL FCCL!

IllinoisCarry.com Texas Recognizes IL FCCL

VA Reversing Concealed Carry Reciprocity Decision

As many of you know, the NRA is changing the format of NRA Basic Pistol to a Blended Learning system (5-7 hrs online, the 5-6 hrs range). We are able to teach it the original way through mid-May, at which time the Blended Learning will be the only way permitted to do it. If you or someone you know has been talking about taking NRA Basic Pistol but have been putting it off for whatever reason, and online is not your style, then you all need to get into one of my classes before then. I just ordered 20 student packets for use in class. Message me here and I will get a class set up for your group ASAP.

Virginia to End Most Concealed Carry License Reciprocity

I wanted to announce here that My Liberty Firearms Training and Tombstone Range and Training Center are partnering up to offer NRA pistol classes!  I will be the lead instructor as I have been for all my NRA classes, but the location for many of my classes will now be at Tombstone, located about a mile and a half north of Home Depot in Marion on Skyline Drive.  Tombstone has a covered pistol range that I have used for NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home, and they have a 25 yard pistol range with a covered ready line that I have used for NRA Personal Protection In the Home.  They have a very nice classroom area with separate men’s and women’s restrooms!  I will still offer my smaller classes as before at our salon at 214 E. Boulevard in Marion (we are actually adding on a 12′ X 36′ addition on the north side that I will use for this and for guitar lessons, as well as our daughter’s yoga classes), and with my little private pistol range south of town.  Class size will dictate where I teach, but it will be nice to offer this other location when circumstances warrant it.  I appreciate the offer from JD Barter and Dave Kemp, and I will keep you informed here and on my Facebook page as to when I have classes there.  We tentatively have an NRA Basic Pistol class scheduled there for Saturday, January 30.  Stay tuned!