Class Reviews

What My Students Are Saying


“Mark, I am glad that I was in your classes and I would recommend you to anybody wanting to learn pistol training.  Taking all your classes helped me with my armed security guard certification, and if you offer any more classes I will be there to take them. If you have another Personal Protection class, I would like to take a refresher. Thanks for the training!” – Dennis L

“I have had the pleasure to take 4 different courses from Mark Fisher.  He taught my NRA Basic Pistol, IL Concealed Carry, NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home, and NRA Personal Protection Outside of the Home.  In each class, I have found Mark to be very knowledgeable, professional, and even entertaining to keep class interesting.  I have greatly enjoyed each of these classes and would be eager to take other classes from Mark if he offers new ones.  His prices are reasonable, but you get your money’s worth.  He does not cut corners and he makes sure you cover all of the required material.  I would recommend Mark’s courses to anyone interested in learning the safe handling of pistols or concealed carry.” – James H

“Mark, Just a note to say how much I enjoyed taking the NRA Basic Pistol and the Conceal and Carry courses with you. The classes were very informative, and enabled me to have a stronger comfort level while using firearms. Thank you.” – Candace W

“Thanks, Mark, for your professional conceal carry class. I being prior military only had to take your 2nd class, and I learned things I didn’t know or forgot about, but your class was great! I would and have recommended your training class.” – Rich M

“I highly recommend Mark’s conceal carry class. He covered the safest way to ensure his demonstration pistols were safe and empty,  to make sure you don’t point an empty gun at anything you wouldn’t want to shoot even though it’s empty. We covered the various types of pistols and their operation. A bunch of the laws were covered. We went to a spot that was safe and practiced shooting the pistols with very strict rules so safety was first. This is just a part of the things we covered. I highly recommend his course.” – Byford B

“After completing Mark Fisher’s pistol class, I walked away with more confidence in my ability to handle a pistol safely, correctly, and look forward to completing more classes to further my skills.  He treated all of us equally and I never felt like my lack of experience was a hindrance to learning what he taught.  He methodically explained what you needed to know, how to be correct in using a pistol, your responsibilities as a gun carrier, and answered every question with respect.  I would recommend Mark as an instructor for anyone who needs that extra help to overcome gun insecurity and feel more confident in their decision to be a concealed carry participant.” – Lisa R

“By far the best and most professional firearms class I have ever attended. You did a awesome job of not making any of the students nervous. Feel free to use me as a reference. Thank you.” – JDH

“I really enjoyed all the classes I took with Mark to get my conceal carry. He kept us engaged throughout the classes and had creative ways to make them fun. I would highly recommend Mark as an NRA instructor for any courses you need to take or are just wanting to take to learn more. He is a great guy and it is obvious from the classes he really enjoys doing this and knows a lot about it.” – Jane P

“My wife and I took both the NRA Basic pistol and the IL Conceal Carry class with Mark Fisher.  Mark is a terrific instructor.  He is able to relate and teach those with no experience to those who may think they already know it all.   I was one with some experience, but had a lot to learn and I left his class with much more confidence in the operation, safety and handling of small arms.  I highly recommend Mark Fisher’s classes.” – Mark W

“I feel fortunate to have met Mark before taking my firearms classes.  I could not have had a more considerate and helpful instructor.” – Paul H

“Mark was my instructor for both Pistol and Conceal and Carry classes. He was very thorough and helpful with his students during class instruction and field work. He kept things light and fun even during difficult portions of study. I have no regrets about taking these classes.  I do pray that I never have to use my firearm for anything other than target practice but feel more confident if the need should ever arise.” – Teena M

“After 8 yrs in military and four in police work many, many years ago, your instruction helped me remember things that I had forgotten in the shooting business. Thanks again.” – Jerry H

“I enjoyed having Mark as an instructor for our CCL class. He is very detailed in his instruction and always makes time for questions and discussion. I highly recommend Mark Fisher for your firearms training course you so desire to take.” – Dale M

“My son and I decided to go through NRA Basic Pistol Training and the required Concealed Carry Training together so that we could apply for our FCCL.  We’ve done a lot of father/son things over the years (martial arts, golf, music) but this was uniquely cool and the instruction we received from Mark Fisher enhanced the experience.  I suspected in advance of the training that range time would fly by, but that the instructional modules – much like any seminar – could be dreadfully slow and painful. I am happy to say that Mark Fisher inserts just the right balance humor and humanity into his instruction to keep the modules moving at a brisk, engaging pace.  He takes time to interact personally with each student and is very patient with those who haven’t handled firearms very much.  Although he does keep the tone in the room personable and informal, he is all business when it comes to safety and handling protocols.I have handled and fired long guns and handguns for over 50 years and consider myself to be a good shot.  That said, I knew there was something lacking in my ability to shoot consistently with a handgun.  I was so pleased to learn, though Mark’s instruction, that my trigger control and my sighting needed adjustment.  By the time we hit the range in the afternoon, I was able to quickly make the adjustments, based on the instruction I had received that morning in the classroom, and hit the targets with great accuracy and confidence. Bottom line – Mark Fisher truly can teach an old dog a few new tricks!  I highly recommend his classes who is serious about safe and responsible gun handling and ownership.  I am anxious to keep going out to the range with my son to fine tune the elements of instruction we learned from him!” – Mark B

“Mark Fisher is an excellent instructor.  He is also a friend of mine, which made it nice to take the class from him.  He took his time with each of us, explaining anything we asked about.  He is extremely knowledgeable about guns and gun safety.  I would recommend him to anyone wanting to take a class.  He’s top notch!” – Lisa D

“I recently took the basic pistol course. I have hunted all my adult life but had limited pistol knowledge.  I found the basic pistol class both informative and fun.  I look forward to more range time.” – Randy A

“Mark: I want to thank you for the opportunity to take your basic pistol and Illinois carry classes. Both were carried out in a professional manner. I was extremely impressed with your ability to cover so many areas in the short time of each class. I hope to to take additional classes from you and would highly recommend you as a firearms instructor. – Tom A  (Editorial comment: he doesn’t mean the classes were short!)

“The knowledge I gained from Mark Fisher, for my NRA Basic Pistol and the state required CCL class, was top-notch. Mark is very knowledgeable and thorough, both in the classroom and out on the range. After taking those classes I feel much more confident when handling and carrying my pistol. I can’t wait to take more classes that he offers.” – Dena P

“Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed your class. I have shot a long gun most my life. Learning to shoot a pistol has been a great experience. I look forward to taking your future classes and getting my conceal carry license.” – Kris D

“I would encourage everyone to take the NRA classes taught by Mark Fisher.  He is very knowledgeable and presented the classroom material in a manner which was both engaging and informative.  The shooting portion of the class was extremely enjoyable even while Mr. Fisher observed strict adherence to range safety protocols.  The safe and effective operation of a firearm is a valuable and potentially life saving skill.  I feel that the time and money I invested on training with Mark Fisher was well spent indeed.  I hope to attend more of his classes in the future.” – David H

“We appreciated your teaching style of being objective and honest without criticism. You foster a great learning environment. You are also very passionate about 2nd amendment rights and responsibilities!  Thank you for teaching this class.” – Steve P

“I truly enjoyed these courses!  Prior to attending, I was completely new and inexperienced with firearm ownership and handling.  However, Mark Fisher’s blend of classroom and range training has given me both the knowledge and skills that I needed to confidently handle and use firearms.  The small group setting puts you at ease, ensures sufficient time for additional questions/demonstrations, and enhances learning through shared experiences.  The time at the range allowed us to immediately hard-wire our newly learned skills and successfully certify for an Illinois Concealed Carry license.  It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend this course to anyone, especially those new to firearm ownership or interested in concealed carry. – Don A

Mark, what a great class!!! My only regret is waiting so long to contact you about setting up the class.
You really made everything make sense. I especially appreciated the amount of shooting we had in the class. That went a long way to making me feel comfortable handling the gun. I will highly recommend your class to anyone interested in obtaining a conceal carry license.  – Steve S